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Security is a fundamental aspect of our lives. We rely on good systems to help prevent crime, warn us before danger strikes, enable groups to communicate effectively, or simply get things running safely and smoothly. Bosch creates a broad range of quality security solutions. Whatever your security needs, Bosch has an answer. With extensive experience, Bosch is your dependable choice for now and the future.


Industry Solutions



The multiple roles played by today’s airports pose considerable security challenges.



In recent years the transportation industry has become increasingly vulnerable to security risks.


Energy & Utilities

The Energy & Utility sector includes facilities for generating, transmitting, and distributing energy of all kinds.


Stadium & Convention Center

All entertainment facilities pose security challenges, but sports stadiums definitely top the list.



Implementing the correct security measures is critical to protecting both staff and pupils.


Banking & Finance

Banking and Finance understandably have some of the most stringent and demanding security requirements


Video Solutions


Gunshot detection

Gunshot detection: capture the shooter on camera with instant PTZ positioning.

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Global Reference List

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